Jibrothers in Planica

Today we got a little crew together and went for the first winter shots for the Jibrothers.

Andraž Šparovec, Agron Imeri and Uroš Podbevšek were eager to hit one of the most known rails in Planica, the home of the famous skiflying construction. The jumping hill is not the biggest anymore, but you can not erase the historical events that happened on this thing.

Anyway, we were more interested in rails around and it was a good decision, while it was the only place with enough snow in the streets in westerly part of Slovenia. There are three rails and everybody usually rides the shortest one, yet the Jibrothers pushed it up a notch and picked the middle one. I tested the new tripod (it is banging) and we got two shots and few pictures, which is a good start for the upcoming season.


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