Unussual jobs: Filming a political add

Politics never really interested me, while I am down with laws of nature and personal happiness, other than rules that money, society, church and traditions try to apply on you.

It is the last week before the parliament elections in Slovenia and the race to the throne is in its last stage. Today I got an early morning call from a friend, asking for a filmer on a very short notice. We were supposed to go somewhere in the nature and do an add for one of the fresher political parties. At first I was kind of puzzled, but I tend to look on things with an open mind, so I saw this as an opportunity to learn and work on something completely out of my character.

It was a really nice day in the hills above the fog, which we are trapped in for more than two weeks now, and I got a little insight on how things work when you are trying to make it to national TV. You live, you learn…


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