Music Video a.k.a. Planina Wing it Style

My friend Cheba is an amazing rapper and a longtime friend of mine. We have been talking about doing a ghetto music video for years, mostly just messing with an ideas and postponing it until we get stuff right.

He had a good friend Maylay Sparks coming to visit and he really wanted to include him, so we just decided to film some b-side footy of the guys in the studio and chillin together. After a week of getting things together everybody “from tha hood” brought something to the table and now its a full on project.

Grega Švabič came through with his Alphanoisestudio, Aljoša Korenčan operated his Steadycam, Boardel and gipsyANDclown pinched in some clothes, Optika Monokel some shades, Simon Žnidar and Domen Bizjak helped with lenses, Luka Šmid got us some lights, Trke did the music and Cheba, Maylay and H.O.B.S took care of their business. This it how it works when all involved are doing it for the pure love of it, but for a no budget project is looking pretty great. Basically, we were just winging it and having lots of fun!


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