The Simon Chamberlain rail and camera malfunction

The forecast was unfortunatelly correct. In the morning it was still dry so we went to this pretty big gap to rail that Simon Chamberlain frontside boardslides in Cheers video. Because we already prepared the kicker yesterday, it was not that much work (for a change haha). As soon as I got my camera out it started to drizzle and then it went from bad to worse in matter of minutes. We filmed anyway but them my XH-A1s got a wierd malfunction. I guess the moisture in the air was really high, because I had raincover on it and it still got wet somehow. Fuchsi lend me his 7D with the fisheye so everything was back on track and we got some shots at least. The plan was to hit the triple kink, but after we were soaked to our bones so we wrapped things up for the day.

Tommorow I am leaving Finland which is too bad while it should be sunny for days from now on and its even snowing at the moment. However it was one hell of a trip. Got to film with the best crew, met some new people and heard saddest lifestory of some old finnish ski jumper. Life is funny, strange and fucked up at the same time I guess, but he had a lot of knowledge to share. The only thing I will not be missing is the horrible snoring from an Indian guy and crazy flashy gizmos from Japanese couple, haha.


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