The day of the Shovel and the Helgasons rail

Day two in Helsinki was super exhausting. First thing we wanted to do was a eurogap to rail, shovelling for two hours and unfortunatelly it did not work out with speed so we moved all the snow to hit it downwards. Fuchsi came out with a nice 50-50 360 out on the kinked rail with the donkey dick and slammed pretty hard few times while trying to fs boardslide it.

We moved to the second rail of the day with a pretty big drop on the other side but the guys really went for it. Pretty much everyone killed it, especially Denis from Russia who is a one hella rail slayer. The day ended with super colourful sunset which was nice after a hard day of work.

When we got a little energy back we were planning to do some spot checking but we already found this pefect kinked rail just few minutes from our hostel. Rumour has it that Hellgason brothers wanted to ride it and were diggin it for two days and then had to leave without hitting it and there really was a wall of ice on the last part of the rail. After three hours of midnight ice and back breaking action we got it cleared and we gonna do it first thing tommorow! Thanks to German hitchhiker Stefan for much needed help and Jagermaister!


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