Seeing rabbits in Finland

No its not drugs! Actually its kinda hard to get even a beer here at times, while they have the same alcohol law as in Slovenia. No beer after 21h, which sucks when you are working till 22h, haha. But there are real rabbits running around in the middle of the streets and owls chilling in the trees as you were in the middle of the woods! Crazy but so cool…

Me and Seppi were planing this filming trip for the whole season and while we had little luck in Poland, we went a bit more safe this time… to freezing cold Finland! They still have a lot of snow, if you step a half meter of the path you get knee deep in slushy white. Seppi also invited Gerald Fuchs and Rudi Janda so its a nice group of very motivated people. We got some shots the first day already and tommorow we get some more company, Russian rail killer Denis Leontyev and two photogs, so its looking really good! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days…


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